CESS 2014-2015 Visitors

CESS welcomes the visiting researchers for the academic year 2014 – 2015.

David Eil


David Eil is an Assistant Professor at George Mason University.



Christos, Photo
Christos A. Ioannou


Christos is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Director of the Social Sciences Experimental Laboratory of the University of Southampton. He is interested in dynamic learning in games, and his plan is to work on testing adaptive models on the full taxonomy of 2X2 games; that is, compare the predictions of the simulations to the actual experimental data.


Margaret Samahita
Margaret Samahita


Margaret is a visiting research student from Lund University, Sweden. Her research area can be broadly described as applied microeconomics, with special interests in various aspects of decision making and behavioral economics. More specifically, she studies individual behavior in Pay-What-You-Want pricing schemes and the corresponding producer competition and profitability from an industrial organization perspective. She will be at NYU from September 2014 to June 2015, hosted by Andrew Caplin. Besides working on her current projects, she plans to conduct an experiment on attention.