Seminars 2011

Fall 2011

  • Speaker: Jason Shachat (The Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics, Xiamen University)

09/08/11      12:30 pm

Paper: Informational price cascades and non-aggregation of asymmetric information in experimental asset markets, joint with Anand Srinivasan

  • Speaker: Theo Offerman (University of Amsterdam)

09/15/11       12:30 pm

Paper: Discrimination in the labor market: the role of competition between workers, joint with Thomas de Haan and Randolph Sloof

  • Speaker: Burkhard C. Schipper (U C Davis)

10/06/11      12:30 pm

Paper: Sex Hormones, Choice under Risk, and Competitive Bidding (Sex Hormones and Choice under Risk) (Sex Hormones and Competitive Bidding)

  • Speaker: Antonio Guarino (UCL)

10/20/11      12:30 pm

Paper: Social Learning in a Rich Action Space: Theory and Experiments

  • Speaker: Emanuel Vespa (NYU)

10/27/11      12:30 pm

Paper: Cooperation in Dynamic Games

  • Speaker: Aniol Llorente-Saguer (Max-Planck)

11/03/11      12:30 pm

Paper: The Power of Sunspots: An Experimental Analysis, joint with Dietmar Fehr and Frank Heinemann

  • Speaker: Luigi Guiso (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance)

11/04/11      12:00pm  

Paper: Understanding the size and profitability of Firms: The role of a biological factor, joint with Aldo Rustichini

  • Speaker: Stephan Meier (Columbia Business School)

11/17/11      12:30 pm

Paper:Under-Savers Anonymous: Evidence on Self-Help Groups and Peer Pressure as a Savings Commitment Device, joint with Felipe Kast & Dina Pomeranz

  • Speaker: Lucas Coffman (Ohio State University)

12/01/11      12:30 pm

Paper: To Whom Are We Donating?  Intermediation Reduces Differences in Donations across Charities

Spring 2011

  • Speaker: Drew Fudenberg (Harvard)

02/10/11      12:30 pm

Papers: “Slow to Anger and Quick to ForgiveWho Cooperates in Repeated Games ,”joint with Anna Dreber and David Rand

  • Speaker: Ryan Oprea (UC Santa Cruz)

02/24/11      12:30 pm

Paper: Games of Economic Survival in the Lab

  • Speaker: Alessandra Casella (Columbia)

03/10/11      12:30 pm

Paper: “Centralized versus decentralized trading in markets for votes,” joint with Tom Palfrey

  • Speaker: David Cooper (FSU)

03/31/11      12:30 pm

Paper: Stand by Me: “Help, Heterogeneity and Commitment in Experimental Coordination Games,” joint with Jordi Brandts and Enrique Fatas

  • Speaker: Martin Sefton (Nottingham)

04/14/11      12:30 pm

Paper: Voting Power in Weighted Voting Games: A Lobbying Approach, joint with Maria Montero and Alex Possajennikov

  • Speaker: Charles Sprenger (UCSD)

05/05/11      12:30 pm

Paper: An Endowment Effect for Risk