Seminars 2010

Fall 2010

Speaker: Stefan Penczynski (Cornell)

9/30/10      12:30 pm

Paper: Persuasion and Strategic Thinking

Speaker: Arno Riedl (Maastricht)

10/7/10       12:30 pm

Paper:  Choosing interaction partners induces maximum effort in the minimum effort game, joint with Ingrid Rohde and Martin Strobel

Speaker: Attila Ambrus (Harvard)

10/14/10      12:30 pm

Paper: Cooperation over finite horizons: A theory and experiments, with Parag Pathak

Speaker: Yoram Halevy (UBC)

10/28/10      12:30 pm

Paper: Time Consistency: Stationarity and Time Invariance

Speaker: Dan Friedman (UCSC)

11/4/10         12:30 pm

Paper: Separating the Hawks from the Doves: Evidence from Continuous Time Laboratory Games , with Ryan Oprea and Keith Henwood

Speaker: Ernesto Reuben (Columbia)

12/2/10       12:30 pm

Paper: Contribution Norms in Public Good Games with Heterogeneous Populations, with Arno Riedl


Spring 2010

Speaker: Ragan Petrie (George Mason University)

2/11/10      12:30 pm

Paper: “A Field Experiment on Bargaining.”, joint with Marco Castillo, Maximo Torero, Lise Vesterlund

Speaker: Antoni Bosch-Domènech (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

2/18/10      12:30 pm

Paper: “On the Role of Non-equilibrium Focal Points as Coordination Devices.”, joint with Nicolaas J. Vriend

Speaker: John Ledyard (CalTech)

2/25/10      12:30 pm

Paper:  “Individual evolutionary learning, Other-Regarding Preferences, and the Voluntary Contribution Mechanism” , joint with Jasmina Arifovic

Speaker: Sigrid Suetens (Tilburg University)

3/4/10      12:30 pm

Paper: “Strategic Complementarity and Cooperation,” joint with Jan Potters

Speaker: Gabriele Camera (Purdue University)

 3/11/10      12:30 pm

Paper: “Strategies for long-run cooperation: Experiments with students and workers” , joint with Marco Casari and Maria Bigoni

Speaker: Angela de Oliveira (U. Mass. Amherst)

4/22/10      12:30 pm

Paper: “Ethnicity, Community, and Local Public Good Provision.”