Seminars 2009

Fall 2009

Speaker: Barry Sopher (Rutgers)

9/24/09      12:30 pm

Paper: Information Aggregation and Communication in Group Decision Making

Speaker: Andrew Schotter (NYU)

10/8/09      12:30 pm

Paper: On Blame-freeness and Reciprocity: An Experimental Study. “Blame-freeness and Reciprocity: an experimental design”, joint with Mariana Blanco and Bogachan Celen

Speaker: Uri Gneezy (UC San Diego)

10/22/09      12:30 pm

Paper: Pricing Experimentation in Firms: Testing the Price Equal Quality Heuristics , joint with Ayelet Gneezy

Speaker: Marina Agranov (NYU)

11/5/09      12:30 pm

Paper: Flip-flopping: contrasting effects of intense primaries and general elections on selection of candidates

Speaker: Erkut Ozbay (University of Maryland)

11/19/09      12:30 pm

Paper: Fear of Losing in Dynamic Auctions: An Experimental Study

Speaker: Pedro Rey-Biel (Autònoma de Barcelona)

12/3/09      12:30 pm

Paper: The Incentive Effects of Affirmative Action in a Real Effort Tournament


Spring 2009

Speaker: Enrique Fatas (UT at Dallas)

1/29/09      12:30 pm

Paper: “Cooperation and Status in Organizations”, joint with Catherine C. Eckel and Rick Wilson

Speaker: Juan Dubra (Universidad de Montevideo)

2/12/09      12:30 pm

Paper: “Does the Better-Than-Average Effect Show That People Are Overconfident?: An Experiment.”, joint with JP Benoit and Don Moore
“Overconfidence?”, joint with JP Benoit

Speaker: John Wooders (University of Arizona)

2/26/09       12:30 pm

Paper: “Does Experience Teach? Professionals and Minimax Play in the Lab”.

Speaker: Wieland Muller (Tilburg University)

3/12/09       12:30 pm

Paper: “Naked exclusion: Towards a behavioral approach to exclusive dealing.”, joint with Jan Boone and Sigrid Suetens

Speaker: Marta Serra-Garcia (Tilburg University)

3/26/09      12:30 pm

Paper: “Words or Actions? An Experimental Study on Signaling”, joint with Eric van Damme and Jan Potters

Speaker: Dan Friedman (UC Santa Cruz)

4/2/09        12:30 pm

Paper: Continuous Dilemmas, joint with Ryan Oprea

Speaker: Ariel Rubinstein (NYU)

4/9/09        12:30 pm

Paper: “Edgar Allan Poe’s Riddle: Framing Effects in Repeated Matching Pennies Games”, joint with Kfir Eliaz

Speaker: Steve Salant (University of Michigan)

 4/16/09       12:30 pm

Paper: theory paper “Putting free-riding to work: A Partnership Solution to the common-property problem” , joint with Heintzelman and Schott

Speaker: Jim Andreoni (UC San Diego)

4/23/09        12:30 pm

Paper: “Diverging Opinions”, joint with Tymofiy Mylovanov