WMI Provider Host high CPU usage on Windows 10

Though Windows-10 is just a fantastic os, most users reported difficulties using WMI Provider Host along with higher CPU usage. This is actually a method support, however for whatever reason, it has a tendency to utilize a lot of one’s CPU, so let us find out just how to repair it.

Solution 1 — Run System Maintenance Troubleshooter

Based on users, you may possibly be in a position to repair the issue by simply conducting System Maintenance Troubleshooter. This really is an integral Windows application and at times it can mend different errors. To conduct this program, You Have to do the following:
Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog.

Input msdt.exe -identification MaintenanceDiagnostic and press Enter or click OK.
System Maintenance window will appear. Select Next and then follow the instructions on the screen.
After conducting System Maintenance tool, assess if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2 — Run System Performance Troubleshooter

When you have issues using WMI Provider Host high CPU usage, then you may like to conduct System Performance Troubleshooter. By conducting System Performance Troubleshooter you’re Boost your PC and increase its own performance. To do that, follow the following measures:

Press Windows Key + X to Win + + X menu and then select Command Prompt (Admin) from this listing.
When Running Instant opens, then input msdt.exe /identification PerformanceDiagnostic and press Enter to conduct it.
Follow the instructions on the display to complete the Trouble Shooter.
After completing the Troubleshooter check when the problem still persists.

Solution 3 — Use Event Viewer

Event Viewer can be an excellent monitoring tool which is able to assist you to mend different issues. As stated by users, you need to use Event Viewer to locate the application form that’s causing high CPU usage for WMI Provider Host. To Repair the issue using Event Viewer, then you Have to Do the next:

Press Windows Key + X and then choose Event Viewer from this listing.
When Event Viewer begins, go to View menu and then assess Show Analytic and Debug Logs.
From the left pane navigate to Software and Service Logs > Microsoft > Windows > WMI Activity > searchable.
Select those obtainable errors and assess for additional details. Start looking for ProcessId and decorate its own value. Remember you have several errors therefore that it’s advised to look at each of errors and writedown all ProcessId values.

Now press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch Task Manager. Once Task Manager starts go-to Services tab and assesses PID for many services. If you figure out how to discover something which matches with the value from Step 4, then you want to clear away the application form related to this particular service. Many users can also be proposing to disable this service only by simply clicking on it and choosing Stop from the menu.

Solution 4 — Closing Speccy

Speccy can be really a helpful little tool which enables one to realize one’s body information together side computer temperature. Based on users, the issue with WMI Provider Host arises after you launch Speccy. To prevent this issue that you want to close Speccy and assess if the problem still persists. In the event you have to make use of this particular application, you may like to look at upgrading Speccy to the most recent version.

Solution 5 — up Date Trusteer Rapport

Based on users, Trusteer Rapport can frequently make this problem to arise. But, you may certainly correct this matter by simply upgrading Trusteer Rapport into the hottest version. Several users reported that they solved the situation by removing IBM Trusteer Rapport, which means you may like to use this and even if the upgrade will not correct the issue.