Web-Interface is one of the most popular and default IP address for routers or ADSL modems. Different network brands use it as an access point or gateway to log in to the router. It is used to enter into admin panel where content is created, and the website is managed. There is some other IP address too which is used for same by routers like,, These addresses are commonly called as the host address. admin Starts from and extends to Web-Interface Definition

Most of the routers have web-based configuration pages. These can be accessed in your browser as long as you are on the same local network as the router. You must know about the router’s web-interface because here, you can manage the website. You can also adjust network options and its security in web-interface. Also, you can protect your site from hackers who can steal your personal information for illegal use. If any problems occur, then it helps to troubleshoot the router. You will find many options like security options, proxy, LAN, WAN, DNS, WLAN setting, etc.

Logging in web-interface?

IP address is used by routers like Linksys (usually) and other networking brands. Linksys and every other router have individual web-based setup pages. These pages allow you to change configuration and settings, provided by your router software. Here we are giving steps to log in to Linksys router.

  • STEP 1

First of all open any web browser like Google Chrome, Opera, etc. It doesn’t matter which browser you choose, just make sure it is not downloaded from third-party websites as it can harmonica your device and cause security problems.

  • STEP 2

Type into your browser’s address bar which is the default IP address for Linksys router’s, as mentioned above. If you don’t like this address, then manufacturers have had to develop some ways to change it. The easiest way is to launch particular setup CD. You can change it by using web-interface.

What If you forget changed IP address?

It can happen that you forgot the changed password. People always forget what they must remember. So to deal with this irritating problem here is an easy solution. Press RESET button present at the backside of the router and hold it for 15-30 seconds. This process is called as router resetting. Keep in mind that after you reset, router returns to factory default and all setting will be cleared. Router’s IP address will change back to Also, note that resetting is essential to the process and is not recommended in other situations.

  • STEP 3

Lastly, enter your username and password in the login window. By default, most of the routers and modems have username and password as admin. If you forgot the identification information, then type the newest login username and password. After you log in to your admin panel (web-interface), you will have access to admin panel. Now you can change the setting and configuration of the site and dig into network settings.