CESS Visiting Researcher

Florian Engl
Florian Engl

CESS welcomes the visiting researcher Florian Engl.

Florian is a visiting PhD student from the University of Zurich. His research focuses on experimental and theoretical methods to study behavioral economics and, in particular, behavioral ethics. He is currently working on a project that seeks to understand whether and how responsibility assessments influence the attribution of blame and praise. He will be with us until October 2015.

Weekly Seminar – 2nd April, 2015

Dorothea Kubler
Dorothea Kubler

On Thursday, 2nd April, 2015, 12:30pm, Dorothea Kubler, Professor at WZB Berlin Social Science Center will present a talk on the paper “College Admissions with Entrance Exams: Centralized versus Decentralized.”

Her research interests are in the areas of experimental economics, economics and psychology, as well as applied microeconomics such as industrial organization, labour contracts and law and economics.

Weekly Seminar – 26th March, 2015

Georg Weizsacker

On Thursday, 26th March, 2015, 12:30pm, Georg Weizsacker, professor at Humboldt-University of Berlin will present a talk on the paper “Markets for leaked information,” joint with Steffen Huck, WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Prof. Georg is the Deputy Chairman of Deutches Institut fur Wirtschaftforschung (DIW Berlin). His research interests include experimental economics, financial decision-making, game theory, decision theory, and microeconomics.

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Announcing the Publication of “Handbook of Experimental Economic Methodology”

Handbook of Experimental Economic Methodology
We would like to announce the publication of the Handbook of Experimental Economic Methodology, edited by Guillaume Frechette and Andrew Schotter. This is the second, and latest, edition in a series of books sponsored by the Center for Experimental Social Science. This edition contains papers discussing current methodological practices written by some of the most accomplished scholars working at the intersection of experimental, behavioral, and theoretical economics.

The methodological aspects discussed in this edition are summarized in the section list below:
1. Is Experimental Economics Living Up to Its Promise?
2. The Relationship of Economic Theory to Experiments
3. Psychology and Economics: A Comparison of Methods
4. The Lab and the Field

Excerpt from the book, and a full listing of the table of contents can be found at the Oxford University Press book site. For further information on the first book in the series, The Foundations of Positive and Normative Economics: A Handbook, edited by Andrew Caplin and Andrew Schotter, please visit the Oxford University Press book site.

CESS Hosts the Eighth Annual NYU-CESS Experimental Political Science Conference

Registration for the Eighth Annual NYU-CESS Experimental Political Science Conference this Spring on March 6th & 7th 2015 is now open.  To register please click here.

We have an excellent set of papers and a poster session for graduate students.   Registration will close on February 23rd 2015.  Please visit the website for more information https://wp.nyu.edu/cesspolicon2015/

Weekly seminar – 30th October, 2014

Shachar Kariv
Shachar Kariv

On Thursday, 30th October 2014, 12:30pm, Shachar Kariv, professor at University of California, Berkeley, will present a seminar on the topic: “Distinguishing Nonstationarity from Inconsistency in Intertemporal Choice.”

Shachar Kariv was educated at Tel-Aviv University and New York University, where he received his PhD in 2003, the same year he joined Berkeley’s economics department. Professor Kariv is the Faculty Director of UC Berkeley Experimental Social Science Laboratory (Xlab), a laboratory for conducting experiment-based investigations of issues of interest to social sciences. He is the recipient of the UC Berkeley Division of Social Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award (2008) and yahoo password change the Graduate Economics Association Outstanding Advising Award (2006).