The Center for Experimental Social Science (CESS) is organinsing its second conference on methodology in Economics which will be held on October 23-24, 2009. The fist conference in this series, entitled The Foundations of Positive and Normative Economics was held in April of 2008 and the proceedings were published by Oxford University Press as the first book in a series entitled Handbooks in Economic Methodology, edited by Andrew Caplin and Andrew Schotter.

This conference is on the methodology of experimental economics and entitled Conference on the Methods of Modern Experimental Economics. The proceedings edited by Guillaume Frechette and Andrew Schotter, including the discussions, will be published as the second book in this series.

The presentations will cover four broad topics:
Has Experimental Economics Lived up to Its Promise?
The Relationship Between Economic Theory and Experiments
Lab and Field Experiments
Psychology and Economics: A Comparison of Methods

Contributors to the volume are:

Everyone is invited to attend. Registered attendees will be welcome to a cocktail Friday evening.