Experiment Privacy Policy and Participant Rights

Privacy Policy

  1. In our studies, the confidentiality of your research records and identity will be strictly maintained.
  2. Identifying information appears only on consent forms, which will be locked in a secure office for three years after the completion of the study and will then be destroyed.
  3. To preserve the anonymity of the data, each participating volunteer is assigned a random code number that will be used to keep track of data produced by the study. No records are kept that would allow participants’ names or identities to be matched with the data codes after study completion.

Results of the study in any presentation or publication will include only group results, and no identifying information will ever be used in public communications

Participant Rights

Volunteer participants are invaluable partners in our scientific endeavors. As such, they have important rights that apply to all our studies.

  1. Taking part in our studies is utterly voluntary. Each volunteer decides for each study anew whether he or she would like to participate.
  2. Participants are free to stop participating at anytime throughout the study, without having to provide a reason.
  3. When asked to decide whether to participate in a specific study, volunteers are given detailed information about the study and what it involves. They can also pose additional questions, before making a decision to participate.
  4. Upon study completion, a thorough explanation of the study will be provided. Participants are also invited to ask further question they may have about the study.
  5. There are typically no known risks associated with participating in our research beyond those of everyday life. If a study involves taking additional risks, they are described in detail before a volunteer gives the consent to participate.
  6. Confidentiality of your research records and identity will be strictly maintained at all times.

Note that all our studies must comply with New York Universities Human Research Protection Program. This ensures that our work does not violate the rights or welfare of our participants.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Register via this webpage for our study participation database so that we know you are interested.
  2. For each study, a certain number of registered volunteers will get an invitation email. When you get an email which invites you to participate in a particular study, you can chose to answer positively to this email in order to be able to take part in the study. By doing so, you indicate your desire to participate. If you do not answer, we assume that you do not want to participate in the study. Put differently, it is completely up to you whether to accept any invitations send to you.
  3. Study participation will be compensated. The amount of compensation may differ across studies and will always be clearly stated in the invitation email send out to registered volunteers.
  4. Participants are free to stop participating at anytime throughout the study, without having to provide a reason.
  5. People who give their agreement to take part in a particular study have to keep in mind that if they do not turn up or turn up late then the study might be cancelled because of a lack of participants.
  6. By enrolling for a specific study, you agree with the following statements: I have been informed that if I do not turn up or turn up late for a study I have enrolled for, this may lead to the study having to be cancelled. Therefore, I should aim to inform the principal investigator at least 24 hours ahead if I am not able to attend an agreed upon session.
  7. Occasionally, an excess number of participants will be invited for certain studies. The study invitation email will clearly state whether this is the case. If it is the case, the first invited persons arriving at the study’s location will participate. Participants who are invited and may not participate in the study due to capacity constraints or other failures are compensated with a show up payment.