CESS Lab: Experimental Software and Administrative Manuals

1. If you are interested in running experiments at the CESS lab, you must read and sign the CESS Lab Usage Agreement form.

2. To create a new experiment and record subject attendance in CESS Recruitment software, please refer the Subject Recruitment Tutorial.

Documents for Human Subjects Committee Applications

If you are interested in running experiments at CESS lab using the CESS protocol,

1. Please print, fill out, and sign forms 1 and 2 below.

1. CESS General Consent Form for Human Subjects Approval

2. CESS Lab Usage Agreement

2. Submit a copy of the signed forms and experiment instructions to Caroline Madden (

3. Ensure that you receive an IRB Consent form from Caroline Madden before running your experiment.

If you are not using the CESS protocol but are submitting directly to the human subjects committee follow the instructions below:

1. Information on the procedures, IRB forms, guidance, and contact e-mail address are available at UCAIHS Forms & Guidance.

2. For more information on completing the UCAIHS application, please refer the CESS Guide to receiving clearance from the human subjects committee for economic experiments.

3. Below are a few sample templates for reference,

Recruitment Material: Template of ‘recruitment material’ for UCAIHS application.

Sign Up Form: Template of ‘sign up form’ for UCAIHS application.

Solicitation Letter: Template of ‘solicitation letter’ for UCAIHS application.

Statement to Subjects: Template for Human Subjects Committee and use in experiments.

Faculty Consent Form: Template for experiments run by faculty.

Student Consent Form: Template for experiments run by graduate students.

*Ensure consent form is submitted on paper with department letterhead and has an university seal before used in the experiment.