Saturday February 25th

NYU CESS 10th Annual Experimental Political Science Conference

Location:  Jurow Lecture Hall and Silverstein Lounge

8:30 – 9:00 AM | Breakfast

9:00 – 9:50 AM | 9th Paper

Daniel Chen, Toulouse School of Economics, “A Theory of Experiments: Invariance of Equilibrium to the Strategy Method of Elicitation and Implications for Social Preferences” coauthored with Martin Schonger (ETH Zurich)

Discussant: Eric Dickson, New York University

9:50 – 10:40 AM | 10th Paper

Fanny Schories, Hamburg University, “Institutional Choice and Cooperation in Representative Democracies”

Discussant: Sonke Ehret, Oxford University

10:40 – 11:00 AM | Break

11:00 – 11:50 AM | 11th Paper

David Andersen, Iowa State University, “Information and its Presentation: Treatment Effects in Low-Information vs. High-Information Experiments” coauthored with Tessa Ditonto (Iowa State University)

Discussant: Christopher Dawes, New York University

11:50 – 12:40 PM | 12th Paper

Douglas Hughes, University of California, Berkeley, “Who Else Gets to Vote? New Evidence for Discrimination among County Election Officials” coauthored with Micah Gell-Redman (University of Georgia) and Charles Crabtree (University of Michigan)

Discussant: Emily West, New York University

12:40 – 1:40 PM | Lunch (Silverstein Lounge)

1:40 – 2:30 PM | 13th Paper

Jonathan Woon, University of Pittsburgh, “Public Deliberation, Private Communication, and Collective Choice” coauthored with Kira Pronin (University of Pittsburgh)

Discussant: Dimitri Landa, New York University

2:30 – 2:50 PM | Break

2:50 – 5:00 PM | Panel on “Citizens Engagement as Candidates or Overseers”

Saad Gulzar, New York University, “Why Do Citizens Become Politicians? Experimental Evidence on the Social Dimensions of Candidacy” coauthored by Muhammad Yasir Khan (University of California, Berkeley)

Michael Miller, Barnard College, “The Effects of Candidate Race and Gender on Party Chairs’ Assessments of Electoral Viability” coauthored with David Doherty (Loyola University Chicago) and Conor Dowling (University of Mississippi)

Mark Buntaine, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Escaping the Valley of Disengagement: Two Field Experiments on Citizen Motivations to Engage in Collaborative Governance” coauthored with Jacob Skaggs (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Daniel Nielson (Brigham Young University)

Discussant: Peter Loewen, University of Toronto and Daniel Rubenson, Ryerson University

5:00 PM — Closing Remarks