Paper Presentations

NYU CESS 11th Annual Experimental Political Science Conference


Vivekinan Ashok, Yale University, “Do Means of Program Delivery and Distributional Consequences Affect Policy Support? Experimental Evidence about the Sources of Citizens’ Policy Opinions” co-authored by Greg Huber (Yale University)

Michael Bechtel, Washington University in St. Louis, “Inequality and Redistribution Behavior in a Give-or-Take Game” co-authored by Roman Liesch (University of St.Gallen) and Kenneth F. Scheve (Stanford University)

Rob Blair, Brown University, “China and the Legitimacy of African States: Cross-National and Sub-National Evidence from Surveys, Survey Experiments, and Behavioral Games” co-authored by Philip Roessler (College of William and Mary)

Robert Erikson, Columbia University, “Appellate Court Assignments as a Natural Experiment: Gender Panel Effects in Sex-Discrimination Cases”

Romain Ferrali, Princeton University, “Bad apples in a Barrel.  Field Evidence about Corruption in Organizations”

Boris Ginzburg, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, “When Collective Ignorance Is Bliss: Theory and Experiment on Voting for Learning” co-authored by Jose-Alberto Guerra (Universidad de los Andes)

Jose-Alberto Guerra, Universidad de los Andes, “When Collective Ignorance Is Bliss: Theory and Experiment on Voting for Learning” co-authored by Boris Ginzburg (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

David Hagmann, Carnegie Mellon University, “Persuasion With Motivated Beliefs” co-authored by George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon University)

Yphtach Lelkes, University of Pennsylvania, “An Expressive Utility Account of Partisan Cue Receptivity: Cognitive Resources in the Service of Identity Expression” co-authored by Sean Westwood (Dartmouth University) and Solomon Messing (Pew Research Center)

John Marshall, Columbia University, “Learning Accountability: Can Formal Education Help Politicians to Account?” co-authored by Abhit Bhandari (Columbia) and Horacio Larreguy (Harvard)

Clayton Nall, Stanford University, “Where Interests Trump Ideology: The Persistent Influence of Homeownership in Local Development Politics” co-authored by William Marble (Stanford University)

Mark Pickup, Simon Fraser University, “The Self-Reinforcing Effects of Political Identity Based Norms” co-authored by Erik Kimbrough (Chapman University); Eline de Rooij (Simon Fraser University)

Melissa Sands, UC Merced, “Using Public Video Feeds to Understand Intergroup Exposure” co-authored by Bryce Dietrich (University of Iowa)

Moses Shayo, Hebrew University, “How do Markets Shape Preferences? Evidence from a Field Experiment” co-authored by Yotam Margalit (Tel Aviv University)

Chloe Tergiman, Penn State University, “Preferences for Power” co-authored by Elena Pikulina (University of British Columbia)

Justin Valasek, WZB Berlin, “The Value of Consensus: Information Aggregation in Committees with Vote-Contingent Payoffs” co-authored by Yves Breitmoser (Humboldt University)