CESS will be celebrating its 15th anniversary this Fall with an alumni conference.  Started in 2012, CESS has risen to be one of the world’s preeminent centers for experimental research in the social sciences.  Its graduates hold positions around the world and form a network of highly integrated alumni.

The celebration will start on Friday night, October 6th, with a cocktail reception. The alumni conference will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

Papers will be presented in reverse order of graduation starting with two of our current graduate students. As is always the case, each generation of CESS graduate supports its successor making CESS a great inter-connected community.

Please register for the conference on this site.  If you are not affiliated with the center but would like to attend the conference please e-mail us at

Below is the list of attendees:

Marina Agranov,     Anna Bassi,    Syngjoo Choi,     Marco Cipriani,    Alex Coutts,     Mark            Dean,    Tingting Ding,    Sen Geng,    Antonio Guarino,    Begum Guney,      Kyle Hyndman,    Shachar Kariv,    Melis Kartal,    Andrew Kloosterman,    Amnon Maltz,     Daniel Martin,    Yusufcan Masatlioglu,    Rebcca Morton,    Pietro Ortoleva,    Kai Ou,     Erkut Ozbay,    Jacopo Perego,    Tobias Salz,    Anja Sautmann,    Chloe Tergiman,     Severin Toussaert,    Isabel Trevino,    Neslihan Uler,    Emanueal Vespa,     Alistair Wilson,    Sevgi Yuksel