I teach a graduate-level course at NYU on Economic Data Engineering. The first 4 lectures are on the VRI and SSQs, the ensuing 6 on limited attention, and the final two on neuroeconomics and genoeconomics. Notes on lectures 1-3 and 5-7 are available. Lecture 4 involves ongoing work and is not posted.

  • Lectures 1-2 2015: The VRI, Strategic Survey Questions, and Long Term Care Utility
  • Lecture 3 2015: Long Term Care Insurance, Annuities, and Family Transfers
  • Lecture 5 2015: Choice Process Data and the Revealed Preference Approach to Search
  • Lecture 6 2015: State Dependent Stochastic Choice Data and Bayesian Expected Utility Maximization (prepared by Daniel Martin)
  • Lecture 7 2015: Rational Inattention and Revealed Preference (prepared by Mark Dean)