The HUMAN Project

As Director of the Scientific Agenda for the The HUMAN Project, I have the privilege of working with a wonderful group of advisors on HUMAN Project White Papers. The first five, on the “bio-behavioral complex”, the dynamic interplay between biology, behavior and the environment, have just been published in “Big Data”.

Using Big Data to Understand the Human Condition: The Kavli HUMAN Project 

How Genetic and Other Biological Factors Interact with Smoking Decisions (and related paper Smoking, Genes, and Health)

Diets and Health: How Food Decisions are Shaped by Biology, Economics, Geography, and Social Interactions

Opportunities for New Insights on the Life-Course Risks and Outcomes of Cognitive Decline in the Kavli HUMAN Project

Real time assessment of wellness and disease in daily life

More details on the broader White Paper series, brief biographies of the truly remarkable and multi-disciplinary set of contributing authors, and additional publication venues will be forthcoming in the months ahead.

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