Andrew CaplinAs Silver Professor of Economics at NYU, I engineer data to test new models of behavior. For example:

Strategic Survey Questions” (SSQs) help us understand choice over the life cycle. They are implemented in the Vanguard Research Initiative, of which I am co-PI. I will present results at the first CFPB research conference.

“State Dependent Stochastic Choice Data” enables testing of Rational Inattention and related theories. Along with other data enrichments related to search, it is engineered in the  Center for Experimental Social Science at NYU, which I co-direct.

Data gathering and modeling in neuroeconomics and genoeconomics is fostered by the NYU neuroeconomics seminar, which I co-organize.

See my CV and the research pages for additional work on:

On the policy front, I made proposals for housing finance reform on which I testified to Congress. The recent crisis, having been wasted, will be repeated, just as the crash of space shuttle Columbia followed that of Challenger. Maybe the next crisis will provoke genuine reform.