Andrew CaplinI am a chaired Professor in the NYU Economics Department. As an “economic data engineer”, I freely cross boundaries between economic theory and measurement and between academic disciplines. New forms of measurement on which co-researchers and I focus include:

“Strategic Survey Questions” (SSQs) that are used to investigate saving, wealth holding, work, and health of older Americans in the Vanguard Research Initiative, of which I am a Principal Investigator

“State Dependent Stochastic Choice Data” that reflects perception and is key to testing theories of Rational Inattention. It is engineered in experimental laboratories such as the  Center for Experimental Social Science at NYU, which I co-direct.

Genetic, neural, and psychophysical data that features in research on dopamine, addiction, and genetics. One of the world’s primary forums for advancing these areas is the NYU Neuroeconomics seminar, which I co-organize.

I made proposals for housing finance reform on which I testified to Congress. The recent crisis, having been wasted, will not be the last (see The Mortgage Mess, the Press, and the Politics of Inattention).

See my curriculum vitae for further research on monetary policy, indivisibilities and (S,s) policies, rational inattention, household finance, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, emotional economics, social learning, housing finance, the social discount rate, 64% majority rule, and other topics.