Andrew CaplinAt NYU I am currently: Silver Professor of Economics; Co-Director of the Center for Experimental Social Science (CESS);  and Deputy Director of the Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision Making (IISDM) where I am Chairman of the Scientific Agenda Advisory Council for the Kavli HUMAN Project.

Together these roles enable me to pioneer the field of “Economic Data Engineering” in which new data sets are custom-designed to test innovative models of behavior:

Neuroeconomic and genoeconomic measurement and modeling is fostered by IISDM, in collaboration with Paul Glimcher and David Cesarini amongst others.

Data enrichments related to search including “State Dependent Stochastic Choice Data” that enable testing of Rational Inattention Theory are engineered at CESS, in collaboration with Mark Dean, Daniel Martin, and others.

Strategic Survey Questions” (SSQs) help us understand choice over the life cycle. They are implemented in the Vanguard Research Initiative, of which I am co-PI, together with John Ameriks and Matthew Shapiro.

My early work was purely theoretical in nature. It was the difficulty in testing my work on emotions that led me to become an Economic Data Engineer. I now develop symbiotic innovations in theory and measurement. This greatly speeds up the scientific process.

For a more expansive listing of my current and past work see my CV. The research section to the right provides access to many of my papers organized by subject area.

On the policy front, I made proposals for housing finance reform on which I testified to Congress. The recent crisis, having been wasted, will be repeated, just as the crash of space shuttle Columbia followed that of Challenger. Maybe the next crisis will provoke genuine reform.